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Fri - 24.11.2017

Reuters' new multimedia kit

Reuters' new multimedia kit

The call for multi talented journalists and more multimedia news coverage just got higher as Thomson Reuters journalists are to be armed with a portable multimedia suite they call "studio in a suitcase". The kit includes a video camera, microphone, lights, tripod and monitor. As citizens all over the world are increasingly equipped with all kinds of gadgets that can collect news, journalists are needing to be just as prepared, and even less specialized in one area.

"We need to get the skills to work in media and not just one form of media. It doesn't mean we can't specialize in writing or we can't specialize in camera work . . .But successful journalists in the future are going to have to be able to cope with a variety of media and publishing roles," said Global editor of multimedia Chris Cramer

According to a new survey by Brightcove Inc. newspapers are increasing their online videos in an effort to attract more audience. The company surveyed its newspaper clients and discovered a 1,500% growth in video posting last year, with and average of 638 videos per month in 2008.

A Glasgow journalist at the Herald and Times group was recently suspended for refusing to use a video camera on a job. The reporter was never trained to use a video camera, but was immediately suspended. It is increasingly common to see journalists multitasking on the job. Rather than having one journalist, one cameraman and one photographer, newsrooms want to combine the jobs into one.

Source: Press Gazette, Boston Business Journal



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