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Sun - 17.12.2017

Al Jazeera to share its exclusive footage of Gaza conflict

Al Jazeera to share its exclusive footage of Gaza conflict

Al Jazeera has announced that it will share broadcast quality footage of the Gaza conflict online via Creative Commons, a non-profit sharing system. Footage is in English and Arabic and will be available to download free, for both commercial and non-commercial use, as long as users acknowledge Al Jazeera as the source.

The broadcaster has already been making extensive use of YouTube during the Gaza conflict, as well as other information sharing sites such as Twitter. As the only international news organisation with a significant presence in Gaza following an Israeli ban on foreign journalists, Al Jazeera's footage is particularly relevant at the moment. However, the channel is largely unavailable in the US, only carried by cable providers in Burlington, Vermont; Toledo, Ohio; and Washington, D.C.

Israel's refusal to allow foreign journalists into Gaza has been met with international outrage, and today the International News Safety Institute backed a call by the International Federation of Journalists for the United Nations to investigate the targeting of media by Israeli forces in Gaza, following Israeli attacks on Palestinian media outlets.

Source: Creative Commons, International Herald Tribune, Journalism.co.uk, INSI



Emma Goodman


2009-01-14 15:56

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