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Sat - 16.12.2017

US: Newspaper editor society moves to drop "paper" from name

US: Newspaper editor society moves to drop "paper" from name

The American Society of Newspaper Editors has scheduled an April vote to decide whether or not to drop "paper" out of their title and become ipso facto the American Society of News Editors.

Under the new guidelines, editors of news websites and journalism educators would be allowed to join, according to the ASNE website.

According to ASNE president Charlotte Hall, "it is time for ASNE to recognize in its name and its membership that we are way beyond print-only newspapers. All journalists are now digital news producers, and while print remains an important delivery mode, more and more news is being produced only for the Web."

The move comes after several newspapers in Detroit have decided to cut back their print production.

Source: AP via European Journalism Centre, ASNE


Lauren Drablier


2008-12-17 11:52

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