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Sat - 16.12.2017

Opinion: Will not-for-profit save newspapers?

Opinion: Will not-for-profit save newspapers?

Media analyst Lauren Rich Fine believes that newspapers can avoid "dying a painful death" by liquidating their assets and being reclassified as not-for-profits.

According to Fine, even though "converting to a not-for-profit won't improve the financials, it would allow the paper to ask for philanthropic support, not unlike public radio or television stations."

Fine also mentioned how she was very encouraged by the establishment of not-for-profit investigative journalism organization, ProPublica. She believes that if there is enough to support National Public Radio, then there should be enough to support a newspaper.

Fine believes that switching to not-for-profit may be the solution to save a few daily newspapers, however many may be too pusillanimous to take the leap.

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Lauren Drablier


2008-12-05 13:11

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