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Sun - 25.06.2017

Opinion: "Link economy will shift the balance of power and wealth"

Opinion: "Link economy will shift the balance of power and wealth"

The big news lately has been mainstream news organizations such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, beginning to link to outside sources. However, according to Publishing 2.0, few are talking about what impact this will have on the web's "link economy."

According to Publishing 2.0, the big players may have been slow to start news aggregation and linking, but, "now that they have figured it out, they can completely disrupt the balance of power." In other words, even though "the 800 pound gorilla is late to the party -- he's still going to shake things up."

Scott Karp, the author of the article draws attention to the effect that this will have on Google. Currently, "bloggers and other independent publisher determine so much of Google's ranking because for the longest time they were the only ones who linked to anything - so those were the only links Google had to read."

He also highlights the consequence this will have on the AP now that big news sites will start linking to national and international news sources on the web. The AP has already seen the beginning of declining memberships - what will this mean for their future?

Also, as Karp points out - the effect that this will have on sites that already do news aggregation such as Digg, Drudge or Newser. They will be faced with some tough competition.

Karp emphasizes the need to collaborate and not monopolize. With regards to advertising he offers this advice; "Forget display ads, which are lame reproductions of print display ads -- that market is going nowhere. Focus on new models that align with the value of news aggregation."

Source: Publishing 2.0



Lauren Drablier


2008-10-17 15:24

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