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Sat - 16.12.2017

US: Controversial DVD circulated as advertising in The Oregonian sparks protest

US: Controversial DVD circulated as advertising in The Oregonian sparks protest

A DVD has been circulated in many Midwest regional newspapers sparking controversy and some protests in their communities. The DVD - which has been called anti-Muslim propoganda - feat?ures scenes of Muslim children being urged to become suicide bombers, 9/11 carnage and interviews with critics of Islam.

The DVD is an hour-long film, "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" by the non-profit New York-based Clarion Fund. The newspapers have distributed the film as an insert in their newspapers for advertising revenue.

About 70 protesters gathered outside The Oregonian regional newspaper on Monday morning after the DVD was circulated within it, to protest against the distribution of the film.

"It is a moral obligation of a newspaper in a community to inform, not misinform," said the Rev. Chuck Cooper, director of ministries of Micah's Village, a progressive Christian community near Clackamas.

However, Publisher Fred Stickel said The Oregonian distributed the DVD because it has an obligation to make its advertising as open as possible under the principle of free speech.

Approximately 70 newspapers distributed the DVD and about 500 people called The Oregonian about the DVD, most of them voiced their opposition.

Source: Associated Press, The Oregonian, Willamette Week



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2008-09-30 15:58

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