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Mon - 18.12.2017

Opinion: Is the US newspaper situation really that bad?

Opinion: Is the US newspaper situation really that bad?

In his Digital Deliverance blog, Vin Crosbie outlines his arguments, predicting that numerous US newspapers would go out of business in the future because print is dying, with regional papers folding in first, and that the industry will go through a "gray age."

Advertisers aren't the "primary customers" of papers. Readers are the "root of the business", because readers appeal to advertisers who will in turn bring profits to newspapers.

Crosbie mentions that the declining newspaper industry isn't cyclical. The situation might not necessarily get better in the future, The Guardian blogger Roy Greenslade points out.

Britain's newspaper industry may reach the same tumultuous state as in the US, according to Greenslade.

Source: Guardian.co.uk



Alisa Zykova


2008-08-22 10:37

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