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Sat - 16.12.2017

UK:The Guardian e-reader version planned for release in 2015

UK:The Guardian e-reader version planned for release in 2015

Although the concept of e-readers isn't new, Mayo Nissen's roll-up version that uses flexible e-ink technology for the display is taking things further. To be unraveled around 2015, the electronic paper is predicted to offer a helping hand to national newspapers like The Guardian, amidst their diminishing readership.

The e-reader will allow you to scroll through the day's news and as the screen is further unfolded, detail on the headline stories will pop up. Nissen's version claims to offer more control over what news one reads, allowing the user to choose what news to look at, reported The Design Blog.

Publishers face the challenge of immediacy in reporting news stories, according to Electric Pig. However, e-readers may help bridge the gap and allow journalists to publish stories right after they happen.

Source: The Design Blog, Electric Pig

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