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Sun - 17.12.2017

Global user-generated content portal Allvoices is now fully operational

Global user-generated content portal Allvoices is now fully operational

A new platform is now available for citizen journalists and traditional journalists alike to document their reporting on a wide range of news, be it science, politics or entertainment. Allvoices, an online world-wide community of user-generated news content, announced that it is now fully operatinal, following a beta release in April last year.

Citizen media like text, images and video is blended with content from news outlets to offer an innovative integrated news resource. First-hand reporting, with its "raw", "unedited" edge is counter-balanced by "finer-wrought", "editorially controlled" stories written by professional journalists, reported Social Media Portal.

Users can contribute postings that are then sorted by location, category and tine and put into context through automated cross-referencing. Stories can be sent through mobile technology like SMS or MMS and through the Web.

"Allvoices is using technology to leverage a single voice. Contributed content is validated by the community, traditional media and other online sources," said Allvoices CEO Amra Tareen. "We believe our model of merging user-generated content and professional news sources into one community will create the first true people's media."

Source: Social Media Portal



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2008-07-11 11:49

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