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Mon - 26.06.2017

US: Tribune Co.'s Abrams offers further advice on revamping newspapers

US: Tribune Co.'s Abrams offers further advice on revamping newspapers

In a blog posting Monday, Lee Abrams, Tribune Co.'s chief innovation officer, says that newspapers have to find "a zone that balances intelligent with the ability to engage the masses in 2008." Abrams offers feedback on the Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel's re-launches.

Here are some of his comments and suggestions pertaining to the Sun's re-launch:

*Crime coverage: Abrams says the Sun is "honoring the importance of crime" by "owning it via a single compartmentalized daily page."

*Numbering national stories: The Sun began labeling its national news stories in order of importance from one to ten. Abrams raves that the numbering system is "a whole new and modern way of prioritizing for the reader."

*Reduce Jumps: Abrams says newspapers, when possible, should restrict stories to one place. "I've never heard of a single person that liked jumps."

The Sentinel's re-launch:

*Web Push: Abrams says the Sentinel should be more creative and proactive luring readers to the website. Current "web pushers" are "kinda throwaway," he says.

*Numbers: More local statistics, Abrams says, and more numbers in general: "Consistency is what'll create 'trademarks'"

*Maps: Abrams says the Sentinel should be "using maps in all news sections to show another way to 'see' the news."

Abram's counseling has drawn the ire of some newspaper experts who shudder at his crude writing style - lackadaisical grammar, errant capitalization - and resent some of his more philistine suggestions, like adding front-page cartoons and trimming the fine arts sections.

But regardless of whether experts find merit in Abrams' suggestions, they should admire his tenacious optimism.

"Intelligence and engaging the mainstream - doable," Abrams writes," But [it] needs the re-think and execution...every day, every page..."

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2008-07-01 14:48

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