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Fri - 15.12.2017

Former Yahoo News editor Neil Budde joins news start-up DailyMe

Former Yahoo News editor Neil Budde joins news start-up DailyMe

Former editor of Yahoo News Neil Budde has joined DailyMe, a site allowing readers to personalize their daily news flow.

Budde's position as Yahoo editor was preceded by a decade spent building the Wall Street Journal Online.

For the relatively new venture (read the interview with founder Eduardo Hauser at the time of the October launch), bringing an experienced online newsman like Budde into the fold will likely prove an excellent strategic move.

It also points towards the growing importance of news aggregation. Hauser said as much in his blog: "Neil's decision to move across country to Florida and join our team underscores my belief that the news aggregation space is one of the most exciting out there."

In Budde's own blog post, he says that he viewed his previous jobs as "understanding the needs and interests of news consumers and translating them into the most useful and engaging news experience possible."

That is the same mentality which he says he will incorporate at DailyMe. Budde writes, "I believe that we are still at the early stages of digital news consumption," which is in large part why he made the jump from a mainstream news organization to a start-up. He sees significantly greater opportunities for experimentation and adaptation with a "lean start-up."

Sources: DailyMe blog (Eduardo Hauser), NeilBudde.com



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