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Wed - 16.08.2017

Survey finds that role of journalists shifting to web

Survey finds that role of journalists shifting to web

The 2008 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey found that the job requirements for journalists has changed with the shift from print to online, raising awareness to the commercial side of the business. 1,231 journalists of a variety of media were polled with these findings:

- 57% believe they are being asked to work more today than in the past few years.

- 56% say they are contributing to other mediums, for example, 39% of newspaper journalists have to work on the online version of their publication.

- 67% of newspaper journalists believe that print circulation will decline over the next three years and move to the Internet. 38% of newspaper reporters expect to see "reductions in staff" over the next three years.

- 63% of print journalists believe their publication will survive in the current state of the print industry.

- 91% consider the most important aspect of their work is to "make my publication successful by creating appealing content for its audiences", while to "educate and inform the masses," "break news," and "chronicle events as they happen" came as lower priority. The survey says that this "suggests a significant level of commercial awareness on the part of journalists."

- 70% say public opinion of journalists has gotten worse during the past five years, and 52% believe the general public has a "somewhat negative" opinion of journalists.

- Almost 73% sometimes or always use blogs because blogs can "measure sentiment."

A full review of the survey results will appear in PRWeek this Monday.

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Carolyn Lo


2008-03-28 10:25

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