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Mastering hyperlinking for local news

Mastering hyperlinking for local news

Local newspapers are distributed to a limited geographic region, but Scott Karp proposes that they reinvent their distribution model so that they can receive national attention, similar to how some web articles link to other related articles.

For physical national distribution, either a wire service distributes and/or rewrites the story or a national news brand re-reports and/or rewrites the story. But with the Internet, local news can be accessed anywhere in the world. The problem lies with attention, according to Karp, because people who visit the local news brand's website only know it because they know the brand locally.

Karp dismisses the idea of Google, Yahoo, New York Times, or any other national brand as a solution, and instead suggests that every local news brand links the news stories of one another on their websites.

This method is used by bloggers, which is why top blog sites have better distribution on the web than many journalists, according to Karp. For example, here is a list of top blogs that are "masters of link blogging" which journalists can emulate.

With link journalism, each journalist can contribute to the national distribution of other local journalists' reporting, which not only adds up to national distribution, but also is "content targeted distribution", directing those interested in a specific topic to other related articles.

Ultimately, Karp envisions a Digg-like site for journalists, editors, and newsrooms in which the best reporting can be shared and those reporting on common issues can be voted up. In this way, local news brands could "really drive large quantities of traffic to each other's reporting."

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2008-03-13 15:49

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