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Wed - 20.09.2017

Poll results show that Americans are losing trust in news sources

Poll results show that Americans are losing trust in news sources

The new Harris Poll has found that:
- more than 50% of Americans polled now do not trust the press
- 2/3 of Americans believe traditional journalism is "out of touch" with what readers want from their news, similar to the We Media/Zogby Interactive poll findings.

However, other forms of media, except the Internet, are also declining in popularity:
- 6% do not trust news on televisio
- 1/3 of Americans do not trust radio news

Though only 4% do not trust Internet news, Americans choose other medias for political news:
- 70% watch their local television news
- 66% watch cable TV news programs such as CNN and FOX
- 65% still read local papers for political news

Despite the growing preference of reading news on websites, 32% of polled Americans never visit a newspaper website.

Source: Press Gazette through EJC Media News



Carolyn Lo


2008-03-12 12:40

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