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Mon - 18.12.2017

Editors can now hear from their angry journalists

Editors can now hear from their angry journalists

What better way for editors to know about journalists' concerns than with a website that collects their criticisms about newsroom management, new media and old media, and more?

That's why journalist Kiyoshi Martinez launched AngryJournalist.com, "a gripe board where journalists are asked to say what's making them angry today," reported Steve Outing of Editor & Publisher.

AngryJournalist gives "angry journalists a place to vent, and to let them know they're not alone," Martinez said.

All posts to the site are anonymous, which makes it easier for journalists to voice their concerns. All comments are screened through Martinez. Editors and managers now have a new resource, an online and collective suggestion box.

Outing listed some of the main issues that currently appear on the site:

- Journalists frustrated by upper management and are looking for better leadership, especially in light of newspapers' transition towards the digital age. Many journalists feel that their superiors lack the vision and technical knowledge necessary.

- Persistence of the new and old media disconnect. "The reporters don't understand the Internet department and the Internet department doesn't understand reporters. The worst part -- some of them aren't even trying. These debates are important; no one has the answers yet," read one of the comments.

- Criticism of journalism schools and professors that haven't adapted to new media. "Complaints from college journalists seem to come from the fact that they're being taught about the past, not the future of the news business, by professors who haven't realized the full effect of the Internet's dynamic effect on news consumption," said Martinez.

- Fear of or resistance against citizen journalism.

A few journalists have criticized the website for letting people post anonymously, which seems contrary to journalistic standards. In any case, AngryJournalist.com should quickly become a valuable resource for editors and managers.

Source: Editor & Publisher



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