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Sat - 25.11.2017

Truth and accuracy the top value for journalists worldwide, survey finds

Truth and accuracy the top value for journalists worldwide, survey finds

An online international survey of the perceptions of newspaper journalists regarding value-based journalism finds that 96.2% of respondents considered “truth and accuracy” as their top core value. The survey was conducted by Dr. Prem Lal Joshi, a freelancer for the Atlantic Free Press.

Other notable results from the study include:

-verification of facts (90.4% of respondents), public interest (89.6%), objectivity and independence (89.2% each) rounded out the top five core values

-70.8% of respondents felt that stories are sensationalized in the media. However, the survey found that journalists from underdeveloped countries are more likely to sensationalize stories than those in developed countries

-respondents signaled that “people like to read real stories rather than spicy ones,” but that given the popularity of tabloids, it is important to have “a balanced approach to reporting of news and views.”

-57.1% felt there were many obstacles to practicing value-based journalism. Reported hindrances included business-based concerns like financial pressures, and external concerns such as fear of the law and access to free information. Of those who disagreed, the majority hailed from developing countries.

-female journalists tended to rate fairness as more important than their male counterparts, which Joshi proposes could be potentially due to cultural expectations that women will be caring and kind

The results, compiled between Nov. 2007 and Jan. 2008, were based on 126 questionnaires received from 36 countries and five continents.

Source: Atlantic Free Press



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2008-02-25 14:03

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