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Mon - 18.12.2017

FeedJournal releases internet service for creating personalized newspapers

FeedJournal releases internet service for creating personalized newspapers

In a Tuesday press release featured on PR.com, FeedJournal announced its launch of the Feedjournal Reader, a free internet tool that allows users to create personalized newspapers from over 100 million online news and blog sources. Users will be able to gather content from their choice of online sources and print out the stories in newspaper format.

"The realization of FeedJournal Reader turns every blogger into a journalist", says Jonas Martinsson, who founded FeedJournal in early 2006, and manages the site's software development. "The long tail of the blogosphere has finally reached printed traditional media. Today's newsrooms cater to a general audience while FeedJournal puts the editorial decisions in the hands of each reader."

FeedJournal reader also transforms RSS and Atom feeds into PDF, printable format—which permits users to read online content offline.

Source: PR.com through IFRA


Barbara Nguyen


2008-02-21 15:42

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