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Mon - 26.06.2017

Continuing newspaper innovations at Las Ultimas Noticias

Continuing newspaper innovations at Las Ultimas Noticias

Las Ultimas Noticias in Santiago, Chile has embraced many innovations over the past few years. Editor Augustí­n J. Edwards has talked with Michael Smith from the Readership Institute about his experiments and innovations.

Las Ultimas Noticias has been using Web metrics tools to get a better understanding of their readers and have really tried to engage their readers in many innovative ways.

Las Ultimas Noticias, whose website www.LUN.cl sees its peak in page views at 9am, has made many interesting innovations online.

Stories are ranked according to “clicks” and updated every hour. These rankings by clicks are made clear to both readers and competition on the paper’s homepage. This technology of counting clicks also allows the paper to move on from a story after the readers have lost interest. The paper either develops on a story or drops it according to the clicks.

The page view counter allows the paper to analyze data about reader interest and improve content accordingly.

The paper also now offers a free print version of the printed copy of Las Ultimas Noticias both on the Internet and mobile. Edwards explains that the online business model is similar to that of broadcast TV. He explains that it provides “free content for the reader that is paid for by advertising on the printed edition. The idea is that the display advertiser will benefit from the additional reach that the electronic platforms deliver. The sales force offers advertising space of the electronic and printed platform as a package.”

The newspaper has also begun to sell ads on its site that include animation, as well as sell TV commercials on the site in conjunction with display ads.

The paper has been recently experimenting with digital copies of department shop pamphlets that are to be inserted in the printed version of the paper.

The paper’s website now includes digital versions of magazines presented in a slide show format for free as well as free video clips provided by an agreement with broadcast TV channels.

And for the future? Edwards is looking for more development on the mobile platform, a version of the Internet programs that can be offered commercially to other newspapers, and to further improve interactivity with readers.

Source: Readership Institute through Ifra Executive News Service



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