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Social Environmental Responsibility World Journalism Prize winners announced

Social Environmental Responsibility World Journalism Prize winners announced

The 2007 winners for the first edition of the Social Environmental Responsibility World Journalism Prize, jointly organized by the World Forum de Lille and the World Editors Forum, have been announced.

Every year three prizes will be awarded by the “Social and Environmental Responsibility World Forum” in partnership with the “World Editors Forum” and under its aegis. The 2007 special topic was: Diversity and equal opportunity.

The prizes are divided into three categories:
* A prize dedicated to a specific topic chosen each year by the World Forum for its “International Meeting “ in October,
* A non specialist Social and Environmental Responsibility Prize (open to all articles on any subject linked to Social and environmental Responsibility),
* A prize specifically dedicated to the press in developing countries

Social and Environmental Responsibility Prize:
Valérie Borde (Canada)
“L’Actualité,” October 15th 2006 which title is “Quand vert rime avec affaires.”
Borde's article described the rise in green-friendly companies. Nowadays, many companies are churning decent profits, while not only respecting the environment, but even thanks to these eco-friendly policies.

Diversity and equal opportunity special prize:
Savad Rahman (India)
“Madhyamam Daily” October 15th 2006 which title is “Bant Singh The Lion of Mansa.”
This much more militant piece was a feature article about Bant Singh, who put up a heroic - and blood-stained - fight against the judiciary system, after his daughter was raped - an oft unpunished crime.

Prize specifically dedicated to the press in developing countries:
Patrick Mayoyo (Kenya)
“The East African” March 2nd, 2007 which title is “Lamu oil drillings worries marine bodies.”
In the wake of this well-written, solidly researched journalistic piece, as well as a campaign against oil drilling in Lamu, a committee is investigating the environmental impact of the oil drilling operations, which were jeopardizing the ocean's ecosystem.

For more information about winners and how to compete for the 2008 prize go to: www.worldforum-lille.org



Erica Mutschler


2007-10-24 17:13

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