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Sat - 16.12.2017

Russia: Novaya Gazeta in English online, Rossiyskaya Gazeta exports supplement

Russia: Novaya Gazeta in English online, Rossiyskaya Gazeta exports supplement

The investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta now boasts an English version online. And the Rossiyskaya Gazeta has produced both a digital edition of a supplement about Russia, to be distributed in the UK and the US.

Novaya’s new website is only designed to contain six articles at a time, as “not every article interests foreign readers," commented Sergei Asriyants, Novaya Gazeta's online editor.

Monday’s selection of articles included reports about the now infamous murder of one of the paper’s reporters, Anna Politkovskaya, as well as an article about the bombing of a train in Russia.

Novaya has also started selling a Russian-language weekly edition in Germany.

Totally unrelated, but another leading Russian paper, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, is also exporting its content. Its 8-page supplement about Russia will be distributed with the Daily Telegraph on Aug. 25, in the Washington Post on Aug. 30 and in the Times of India on Sep. 1.

The digital edition of the supplement will be available on www.rbt.rg.ru.

“We want to offer an insight into the real Russia – not just the Russia that we read in the headlines. Digital editions provide a great opportunity to reach a wider audience,” said Eugene Abov, Deputy CEO of Rossiyaskaya Gazeta.

Source: webitpr.com - Moscow Times through IFRA Executive News Service



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2007-08-28 17:48

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